Ways to rescue sex worker in human trafficking

Based on the nature of their work, sex workers or escort workers are constantly expose to and easily become target of human trafficking. We can definitely be of help if we put resources together as community and businesses to help escorts workers avoid being victim of human trafficking. 

we are going to navigate ways to help escort workers avoid being victim of human trafficking.


Human trafficking is a grave injustice that continues to plague our society. Despite our efforts to combat slavery and oppression, trafficking remains prevalent even in the most progressive countries. Major events like the Super Bowl serve as hotspots for human trafficking, as exemplified by the scandal involving Robert Kraft in 2019. The victims of such crimes are often young women who are brought into the country illegally, exploited for profit, and discarded when no longer useful. The stories of these individuals evoke a range of emotions – empathy, concern, and a desire to help. It is crucial to put ourselves in their shoes, to understand the despair and abuse they endure on a daily basis. The plight of women and children in sex and labor trafficking demands our attention and action. Do you feel compelled to make a difference?

Need to understand what causes human trafficking

The reasons behind human trafficking vary from country to country and within the lives of each individual who is exploited. However, there are certain patterns that can be observed. One of the main factors that contributes to human trafficking is poverty. When people are living in extreme poverty, they become vulnerable and desperate, making them more susceptible to being trafficked. Additionally, the presence or absence of laws plays a significant role in enabling the abuse and exploitation of individuals. In some cases, the lack of proper legislation allows traffickers to operate with impunity. Furthermore, the physical systems involved in human trafficking, such as transportation networks, facilitate the movement of victims from one place to another. This includes transporting them within cities, as well as across different countries. To gain a deeper understanding of how human trafficking occurs in various countries, it is important to examine specific contexts, particularly in relation to sex workers and escort workers in less developed nations. By studying these cases, valuable insights can be gained into the underlying causes and mechanisms of human trafficking. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between learning about the issue and taking action to combat it. While it is important to educate oneself about the causes and dynamics of human trafficking, it is equally important to actively work towards its eradication. Merely acquiring knowledge without taking concrete steps to address the problem is insufficient. What is needed are individuals who are committed to fighting against human trafficking and working towards its complete elimination.

Targeting your fight 

You have the option to combat human trafficking within the United States, as it is a prevalent issue in your own community. Numerous commendable organizations are actively engaged in the fight against trafficking right here.

Alternatively, you may choose to address trafficking on an international scale. Perhaps there is a specific country that holds personal significance to you. It could be that you have come across a survivor’s or victim’s story from a particular nation, which has motivated you to contribute to the cause in that specific location.

If your aim is to combat human trafficking in Africa, you have come to the right place. Take a moment to explore our website and become involved. We are dedicated to protecting young girls who are targeted by traffickers. Through our platform, we take extra precautions to thoroughly vet and connect these girls with individuals who can be traced in case of any unfortunate incidents. However, it is important to note that there are numerous unsolicited methods through which these girls can be contacted, making Africa a fertile ground for human trafficking. This its more reason for creating this platform to eventually help millions of these young girls who are contacted through unsolicited means. We want to create a safe heaven to help these ladies.

How you can be of help

Some human trafficking organizations are dedicated to the rescue and support of individuals who have been exploited and traumatized. These organizations operate on the front lines, actively working to save people from dire situations.

On the other hand, there are organizations that focus on providing assistance to survivors. They aim to restore their mental and physical well-being, rebuild their self-worth, and help them regain their humanity. These organizations offer whatever support is necessary for survivors to rebuild their lives, especially considering that their families often reject them, particularly in Africa.

Additionally, there are organizations that concentrate on addressing the root causes of trafficking. They engage in proactive measures, known as ‘pre-trafficking’ work, by identifying individuals who are at risk of being trafficked and preventing them from becoming victims. By doing so, these organizations eliminate the need for rescue operations.

Our partnership primarily revolves around collaborating with NGOs that prioritize this third category of work. Similarly, the majority of women in our vocational training program fall under this category.

While we do collaborate with front-line organizations to rescue and restore women and children who have already been trafficked, a significant portion of the children in our safe home were rescued before they could be exploited. These children were identified as being at high risk and were saved through ‘pre-trafficking’ interventions.

Which aspect of this fight against human trafficking inspires you the most? Which area would you like to contribute to? If you’re still uncertain, the fifth category might help you make a decision.



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