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Join a reputable escort agency if you are new to the industry. Working with a reputable escort agency gives you a much stronger sense of security than working alone. Look online, talk to other escorts or contact your local sex worker advocacy group for agencies. Visit several different agencies and ask questions before signing up to find the right fit for you.
• Although the agency takes a portion of your earnings, security and backup benefits are a concern, and vetting your client first trumps it. . cost.
• A reputable agency respects your boundaries, provides a safe and hygienic work environment and is ready to answer all your questions. The security of the facility is also taken care of by reputed agencies. If possible, it might also help to talk to an attendant who works there to get another perspective.

Choose a first and last name for your attendant identity. A unique name will help you effectively promote your services and protect your true identity. Before deciding on a name, first check online that there are no other senders using the same name to avoid confusion and misuse. To maintain consistency, use the same name on all your advertising platforms
• You are often allowed to use a fake name for sexual health procedures to remain anonymous. This helps protect your identity and preserve your privacy.
• Some senders’ first names are quite common, so it’s a good idea to include a last name so customers can identify you.

Enable online. profiles to promote your services. Senders often do the marketing and advertising themselves. Use a search engine to find escort sites in your area or country. Register on the sites and then write a short statement about yourself that is warm and welcoming. To increase your market reach, try to advertise on several escort sites.
• Some sites may require a physical description of you with different body measurements (such as clothing size).
• Can your profile include your services. bid subject to laws in your area.

Take professional, high-quality photos to promote yourself. The photos you use play a huge role in your advertising. Search online for professional photography services or ask for recommendations from other senders. Then contact the photographer and make an appointment. Before the session, decide if you want to show your face in the photos or not.
• Your office can provide you with professional photos.
• We recommend that the photos be taken by a professional. . , because they know what lights, angles and photography styles they should use to present the image they want.

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