Safety Tips for Escort Workers

Safety Tips for Sex Workers
We know that most bookings happen without incident. Use these tips to protect yourself from the minority sex worker problem!


Know your beats. Know evacuation routes, bus routes, avoid sensitive places like religious places, schools, etc.
Always trust your instincts. If you feel insecure, there is a reason. If you don’t like it, listen to your gut.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and that you have someone you trust using speed dialing.

If possible, ask a friend who knows where to expect you back.
Make a fake call and set up a meeting. . . Set an alarm on your phone to go off when you’re expected back.
Make sure you have a personal alarm – Red Project can get one for you.
Subscribe to National Ugly Mugs and stay tuned for alerts. If there are “low players” in your area, we can help.
Check the customer and the vehicle, keep enough distance to avoid being grabbed, dragged or attacked – at least within arm’s reach.
If you can, inform the customer that you will take the vehicle number. Look around the vehicle for possible weapons. Even everyday objects can be used against you. If there are covers etc., check under them. Ideally, go around the car – make it a full circle.
Do not sit alone in a vehicle with more than one person in it. Check how many people are in the car. Check people hiding behind. If it’s a van, be aware there may be others in the back and check if possible. Think carefully before entering.
Get paid first and share your money – bag, zip pocket, boots, jeans.
Working in businesses
Violent customers, impersonators and other criminals often end up in spaces where people work alone. Working with others is safer, but increases the risk of arrest. Find out more about your rights and the legality of working with others at
Subscribe to National Ugly Mugs and keep up to date with all the fun times announcements in your area, we can help you about it.

If you decide to turn down a client, always check what support you can get from supervisors or receptionists. Check it before you start working.

Look for rooms with working CCTV and other security measures. If you work in a facility where management forces you to do things you don’t want to do and you don’t consider your safety important to them, consider moving to another facility.

Have a plan ready if the customer attacks you. Know the exit routes that lead to the safety of the building. Always set an alarm on your cell phone in the room. If the facility does not have them installed, ask them to do so or give personal warnings to staff. If they don’t agree, you can get it from The Red Project.

Use NUM mobile and email checks to verify customers and make sure the customer hasn’t already been reported.

Your separate work person – separate phones, emails and social media accounts. Do not give out your real name or personal information.

Consider whether you want your face in promotional photos.

Make sure your payment options do not compromise your privacy.

No personal information will be displayed in calls. items – photos, letters, etc\ n
If you work from home, think about how you would answer questions from your neighbors if you have a lot of guests. Some workers use covert jobs, such as therapists or accountants.

Use separate photos for personal profiles and avoid using faces or tattoos in online photos. Crop, blur or pixelate faces in photos.

Google yourself! This is the best way to know if your network information has been compromised.

Always trust your gut. If you’re insecure, there’s a reason.

Establish clear boundaries. set your work hours and stick to them. Decide what you will and won’t do and stick to it. Always agree on BDSM safe words and discuss boundaries.

Use the buddy system for incoming and outgoing calls.

Have a fully charged phone and a backup phone if possible. Select a trusted contact from speed dial.

Plan to leave

Pay in advance and share your money.

Don’t use condoms that customers bring, keep your own. Red Project can provide free condoms and lube.

Unwanted contact, abusive messages, stalking and “go away” threats are the most commonly reported crimes by online sex workers. Contact Red Project for information and support.

More information about online sex worker safety and privacy can be found at Beyond the Gaze –

Choice and Consent
You have limits and those limits should be respected It is your decision which job you accept and which you refuse. Being a sex worker does not mean that you agree to every sexual activity, if someone forces you to do something without your consent, you can get help and support.

There are many myths that suggest that as a sex worker you have no right to complain or protest if you are forced to do something, otherwise no one will believe you. That’s simply not true, and at The Red Project, we’re here to listen, support and believe you.

If you are pressured to trade sex for “favors”, including because you have no money for rent or debt, that is sexual exploitation, it is illegal, and we can support you.

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